Hey, I'm Liska!

Thanks to Petya and my fans I'm something more than sketches in a folder. I love to adventure and"photograph"the important moments of my life. I'm always surrounded by my loving family and friends, who make my life a lot more fun and easy!

I have a lot more adventures for you!

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Кулата на Лиска

“Вярно не бяха сигурни времената таз година, но едно сигурно нещо имаше в живота й! Кулата, която се издигаше, плод на неуморен, денонощен лисичи труд


Where was Liska?

Dear Lisko-fans! A handful of you understood what happened - the home of Liska, her Facebook page, was taken from me 2 months ago. After the hackers attack...